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The Message

Contributing to the development of the health sector and meeting the needs of health and medical institutions for medicines, health care products, and high-quality medical devices, and building long-term relationships with our partners.

Our vision

Leadership in the market for medicines, medical supplies, and health care products, with high efficiency and quality, offering a range of integrated and diversified options and supplying the market with high-quality medicines, medical devices, and global products.

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The First Destination For The Yemeni Market To Purchase Medicines And Medical Supplies


Providing medicines from the best medical sources.
Pharmaceuticals are distributed through a marketing network based on highly efficient technology, NF Company makes an effective and vital contribution to providing medicines from various sources with the highest quality standards and providing a wide range of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products of high quality

Medical Supplies

The company works to provide vital medical supplies, support hospitals, health centers, and clinics, and provide surgical and clinical supplies, including necessary equipment, tools, and materials, including necessary equipment, tools, and materials related to patient care. NF provides basic products, which include:

  • Pressure devices.
  • Doctors headphones.
  • Pulse measuring devices.
  • Temperature measuring devices.
  • Medical scale.
  • Inhalers.
  • Medical masks.
  • Medical gloves.
  • Gauze and bandages.
  • Syringes.
  • Test tubes.
  • Full protective clothing for medical laboratories.
  • Anesthesia supplies.
  • Surgical tools.
And various related products.

Nutritional Supplements

Distributing a premium range of high-quality nutritional supplements, healthy foods, over-the-counter remedies, personal care products, hygiene, and health and beauty supplies.

Hospital Management Programs

Providing integrated electronic management systems for various administrative, financial, and medical aspects in hospitals, medical centers, and health care institutions, as NF aims to provide a system that aims to organize work in the hospital or health center, including the organization of providing service to patients in an ideal way that allows doctors to access to patients' data, follow them up while they are in the hospital, organize appropriate treatment programs for each case and facilitate the doctors' work through medical registration of the patient's condition (complaints and symptoms - examinations, analyzes and radiology - operations - diagnoses - doctors' orders and follow-up on their implementation - follow-up of the patient's progress - medicines and recommendations medical).

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Dr. Khawla Nabil
Dr. Khawla NabilAssistant Executive Director – NF MedicalMedical@nf.consulting

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