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NF provides a complete vision for production lines and select the necessary additions to every productions phase

Industry Investment

We offer innovative solutions to develop various industries


Our vision

We build a broad base of sustainable customers by providing distinguished services for each project we contribute to, creating communication platforms and opportunities for the development of industries and services, to become one of the best destinations that provide innovative solutions for the development of industrial projects.

The Message

It offers innovative solutions to scientifically develop various industries to enable our customers to stand out among their competitors.

Our Goals

At NF, we aim to provide distinctive solutions that help develop existing investments and establish new investments with high standards, thus contributing to the support of businessmen, project owners, and investors, while providing quality services that help improve the performance of companies and institutions with the support of our partners spread in various countries of the world, and through consultants specializing in various industries, the company offers:

Feasibility studies for industrial projects.
Study of industrial projects related to recycling
Consulting the development of various industries
Develop existing industries and projects
Technical and executive consultancy in various industrial sectors
Providing raw materials and industrial inputs
Technical support to ensure high-quality industrial production

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Our Best Solutions

We Provide Special Services and Solutions to Help Improve Your Investments

Expand Production Lines

Expand production lines of companies, expand the scope of their work and brand activity, and raise quality, to provide added elements in the same target product category and under the same brand name.

NF Company offers the integrated vision to expand production lines and identify the required additions for all production stages while enhancing efficiency and identifying appropriate production processes to expand the production of new goods according to a strategy that ensures enhancing the competitive position of the brand, to increase the number of products, increasing the market share and the number of sales.

Brand Development

The brand image is one of the most important factors in increasing the market share of products and is directly related to the expansion of production lines. Hence, NF seeks with customers to develop brands for industrial and service products (Brand Development) and rebuild the mental image of the brand in a way that suits the expansion of production, enabling manufacturers to own a high-end brand, and develop distinctive designs to produce brands with a high position in the market, within the framework of a strategy that ensures the preservation of the spirit of the mother brand.

Brand Building

At NF, we build Trade Marks for various industrial and service products, including visualization of the brand and the trademark, design, and composition of the brand that highlights the personality of the product and the company, and gives the product a strong reputation in the market through which it can attract customers.


NF company developed high-quality food products following the standards approved in the food industry, and the company owned the distinctive brands of food products in the United States of America … NF became the developer and owner of the distinctive brands for the production of coffee "Mocha coffee" as well as the brand "Helen Tea” for tea production, it is a trademark registered in the United States of America.

In addition to the "Krona" brand for the production of various types of biscuits and wafers … these goods are produced according to the best standards approved in the food industries in America / Turkey / Egypt / Jordan / Saudi Arabia, targeting their products traditional markets in the United States of America and Europe, as well as promising markets in Both the Middle East and Africa.

Let's deliver the right solution for your business.

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Eng. Shehab Hassan
Eng. Shehab Hassan Assistant Executive Director – NF IndustryIndustry@nf.consulting

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