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      Organizational and Functional Structure

      Organizational Structure represents the relationship between organizational units within the entity itself (departments, sections, and units). On the other hand, the functional Structure represents the relationship between the individuals (the hierarchy of organization).
      It is our scope of work to restructure the new companies or the existing companies already. In addition, we are providing services to develop the organizational structure along with functional structure of any entity size and type, based on the requirements and rules of corporate to achieve the set objectives of the institution, while maintaining:

      • Entity technical specialization.
      • Facilitating the decision-making.
      • Separating between functions and powers, in accordance with the best practices.
      • Implementing laws and regulations in force, which relate to entity activities.

      Job Description ID

      NF assesses and reviews all job descriptions for all positions within the organization including the following areas:

      • The related position within the organization.
      • Position targets.
      • Job duties.
      • Financial and administrative privilege and powers.
      • Job outputs.
      • Key performance indicators for the position (KPI).
      • Job qualifications and requirements.
      • The necessary competencies and skills for the job.

      Responsibilities and powers matrix

      Prepare the financial and administrative powers matrix of each function according to the approved structure.

      Job Performance Assessment System

      Developing the quarterly and annual performance evaluation system to determine the performance strengths and weaknesses. focusing on the positions that need to be developed with qualitative improvement and special training system.

      Policies and Procedures Index

      NF is working to prepare and improve the operational and policies procedures index that cover all the organization’s activities, including the activities of human resources departments.

      Salaries and Wages Structure

      NF Consulting conducts position evaluation approach using scientific methods according to the best human resource practices.
      With provision of jobs data based at the state level, and the possibility to include companies or similar organizations operating at the same market, comprehend the client needs as well, NF develops the structure of salaries and wages for all jobs or specific position depending on the hierarchy and the market benchmark results to provide a competitive labor market.

      Salaries and Benefits System

      We are structuring the total benefits (including all advantages and benefits) that the organization could offers to attract, motivate and keep staff satisfied through designing and improving the salary figure, which will meet the corresponded rates and market demand.

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