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We bring the right solutions to challenge established thinking and Drive Transformation.

Business development is the process of making a business better and bigger through initiatives and new ideas, creation of value for your organization or business.
We provide business development solutions with our data-based scientific solutions to develop strategies, make departments and business processes more efficient.

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      Field Surveys and Research

      NF Consulting has the ability to conduct field surveys … using the best various survey tools designed to analyze data and come up with results and recommendations that focus on developing future policies and procedures. And that we use specialized cadres in statistics and quality control to ensure accurate results and logical analyzes according to the needs of the client ... Where the work teams include full-time researchers, data entry staff, quality control staff, and highly experienced analysts, using a huge number of field researchers to cover the required geographical area At the state level, they rely on conducting research on a “face-to-face” interview, as well as conducting research over the phone, focus group sessions, in addition to brainstorming sessions, and other market survey methods, with the aim of achieving the highest possible quality.

      Studies and Business Plans

      NF Consulting designs services that meet the needs of clients in order to improve and develop the level of services and expand the scope of business by using the best international standards when designing business plans for private sector companies and non-governmental organizations, including developing a work plan after analyzing the business environment by evaluating the external and internal environment , with defining the work, setting the vision and mission and defining the objectives, policies, available resources, and work programs.

      Strategic Plans for Development

      NP Consulting owns a team of highly experienced and professional consultants who are able to develop strategic plans for the public and private sectors, identify available strategic options from a list of priorities and set measurement indicators, including creating a strategic vision and developing strategic plans for five or ten years

      Let expert consultant deliver the right solution for your business.

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